Arturo salazar
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Salazar was born in Linares, Mexico.
At an early age, he displayed affection for the arts.
At the age at eight he was an admirer of great Mexican mural painters such as Dirgo Rivera, Siqueiros and Tamayo; he also admired in detail the works of Salvador Dali as well as those of Italian Renaissance masters.
He used to make his own brushes and prepared his own canvas.
His first works of art were done in clay. sand, mud and other natural substances over wood and vegetable paper: some type of primitive art.
He experiments with various techniques and styles with his art professor.
When he was thirteen he painted  his first mural (900 sq. ft.) in Mexico,
He also participated in several shows
throughout Mexico.
In 1983 he graduates from the University of Tamaulipas Mexico.
In 1988 he traveled to United States
and made a presentation in downtown of Tampa, Florida.
His show is part of a Cultural Hispanic work by Chrysler Corporation, Inc in San Antonio, TX.
He made a presentation at Nations Bank during the Hispanic Heritage Festival in Miami, FL. He participated with other  latin artists in Magic of Color organized by Latin American Cultural Association at County Public Library of West Palm Beach.
In 1997 he painted a mural "OFFering to Cuatlicue" in Dalton, Georgia.
Later on presents his works at Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.
2001 participated in the 1rst Street
Painting Festival, Melburne, FL, sponsored by Rotary Club.
He is a member of the Palm Beach
Cultural Council.
He participates in a yearly basis at the Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth, FL.      His works are found
in Argentina, Bolivia, Honduras,
Guatemala, Dominican Republic, France, Belgium, Mexico and United States.


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